Get the Right Help

It is important that you can easily access the right help when you need it. The Community Hub is your ‘one-stop-shop’ for community information, advice and support, with a friendly team always ready to chat about what you need. We will always try to help, and if we can’t, we will connect you with an organisation or a service that can. 

Contact The Community Hub if you want to:

  • find out about things to do in your local area
  • get benefits support or money advice
  • find non-urgent health, mental health, or wellbeing supports
  • set up a community club or group

The Community Hub is open Monday to Friday, 10-3pm

Telephone: 0141 876 9555

Email: [email protected]


Available Soon: Online Contact Form

Our short and confidential online form is a quick and easy way of letting us know what support or information you need. We will use the information you give us to make sure you speak to the right person. 

Other Important Numbers

Urgent Health & Mental Health Support

If you need urgent health or mental health support, please contact your GP or if you cannot wait, call 111.

East Ren Council Customer First

If you need to enquire about services from bin collections to council tax, please contact: 0141 577 3000 / 3001 or visit the East Renfrewshire Council website.

HSCP Initial Contact Team

The HSCP is responsible for all health and social care services. If you need urgent support and are already engaged with social work, please call your key worker. If you are contacting the team for the first time, please phone 0141 800 7850