Unpaid Carers Resources and Supports

New Digital Resource for Unpaid Carers

Caring for a loved one who is ill, disabled or older can be valuable and rewarding, but without the right support caring can have an impact on your health, your job, your finances and your social life.

East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) has teamed up with Carers UK to offer unpaid carers in East Renfrewshire free access to a wide range of online resources to help make caring easier, including:

  • Health and wellbeing: resources around physical & emotional wellbeing nutrition and breaks
  • Support for Caring: ‘About Me’ e-Learning course on building networks and finding support, an upfront guide to caring which gives tailored advice to carers depending on their situation and ‘My Back Up’ which helps you develop a contingency plan
  • Technology and Caring: guides on how to use technology in care
  • Financial Planning: Money Advice Service called ‘Thinking Ahead’; a questionnaire style tool to help people think about the costs of caring
  • Working and Caring: guides to rights at work and seeking support at work
  • A care co-ordination mobile App, Jointly: useful for any situation where a carer can’t be there for the person they care for 
  • Young Adult Carers: an e-Learning resource for young adult carers now in adult services including, for example, advice and information for making choices about caring, and support in and about education and work
  • As well as information and support specifically for carers in East Renfrewshire
To find out more about the new Digital Resource for Carers visit carersdigital.org and create a new account by using code DGTL1835

Local Support for Unpaid Carers

For information, advice or support for young and adult unpaid carers, visit East Renfrewshire Carers Centre website.